Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization to promote soccer in Teaneck. Over 1,000 children play every year.

Referees:  Overview

All TJSL referees are nationally certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). See below for information about becoming a referee.

How do I become certified? 
Attend and pass a USSF referee course offered by the New Jersey Referee Committee.

When and where are the courses? 
A complete course schedule can be found at www.NJrefs.com.

Which course do I need to take? 
There are two types of referee courses: Grade 8 Youth Referee Course and Grade 9 Recreational Referee.

What is the difference between a Grade 8 and Grade 9 referee? 
The Grade 9 Recreational Referee can referee recreational games and be an assistant referee on competitive games up to U14. Attendees must be at least 14 years of age on the day of the class in order to register. 

The Grade 8 Youth Referee Course is designed for those who wish to start officiating youth travel soccer games (one can referee recreational games as well). Attendees must be at least 16 years old on the day of the class.  

Once I become certified, how can I referee TJSL games? 
After getting certified, referees should contact the .

Fall 2017 Referee Meetings

TJSL will have two referee pre-season meetings. The first is August 29th and will meet at 7 PM in the THS auditorium. Please be on time as we have a lot to go over. The second meeting will include a session on on-field referee mechanics and every Grade 9 and new Grade 8 referee should attend, dressed to run (no need for being in uniform) and bring their whistles and flags. The date and time will be posted. In both meetings, TJSL's rules of competition will be reviewed and responsibilities as a referee in TJSL will be reviewed. Please e-mail any questions or concerns to Ken Hoffman at   or call him at 201-294-3918.